An employee at the BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd Tiexi plant installs an instrument panel on an assembly line in Tiexi, Liaoning province. [Photo/Agencies]

SHENYANG – A China-Germany industrial park in Northeast China’s Liaoning province is expected to see its industrial output value exceed 83 billion yuan ($12.7 billion) this year, doubling the figure from 2015 when the park was established.

The China-Germany Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park (CGIP) in Tiexi District in the provincial capital of Shenyang became China’s first platform for high-end equipment manufacturing cooperation between the two countries in late 2015.

Over the past five years, the park has introduced 127 foreign-funded projects, accounting for 35 percent of its total high-quality industrial development projects, said Guo Zhongxiao, head of the park’s management committee, during a conference held to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the park’s establishment.

The CGIP has also been working in close cooperation with Germany in terms of vocational education and technological innovations, Guo said.