Children play hopscotch on a flat ground.[Photo/IC]

Today is June 1, International Children’s Day. The event was founded by the Women’ s International Democratic Federation in November 1949 to focus on protecting the rights of children, but it is obvious that children only do one thing during this festival, and that is to play! So, what did you play with when you were young? Take a look at the following six games, maybe there are a few to remind you of childhood!


When you play hopscotch, you only need relatively flat ground, a piece of chalk and small tiles or stones. Before the start of the game, draw a stack of squares or rectangles and number them, and top them with a semicircle on the ground. The player throws a small object, like a stone or tile, onto one of the marked squares or rectangles on the ground, and then hops on these shapes to retrieve the object.