As the Year of the Ox falls on Feb 12 this year, a series of Happy Chinese New Year celebrations will officially launch starting Feb 4. Here is a schedule of online activities for you to enjoy for a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.


12:00 展播精品项目片花



14:00 播放精品项目花絮集锦

Highlight Clips of online activities


16:30 2021年“欢乐春节”全球启动仪式暨开幕音乐会

2021 Happy Chinese New Year

Global Launching Ceremony and Opening Concert


Chinese New Year Paper Cutting Animation


Chinese New Year Virtual Exhibition

20:00-20:50 《春之序曲》——民族音乐会【直播及短视频展播】

Spring Festival Overture Chinese Folk Concert


10:00 《听瓷语 观世界》——互动体验展

Longquan Celadon Experience Tour

20:00-20:45 《情境冰秀》——冰上杂技艺术晚会【直播及短视频展播】

Ice Show The Acrobatics on Ice


10:00 《漫动欢春》——中国优秀动漫短视频春节展映

Season’s Greetings from Chinese Animation


New Charm of Collections

Virtual Exhibition of Cultural and Creative Products for Chinese New Year


10:00 《健康过大年》——太极微课堂

Taijiquan Fitness Microclass

Special Edition for the 2021 Happy Chinese New Year

20:00-20:25 《金箍棒》——3D魔幻杂技剧【直播及短视频展播】

Original 3D Magic & Acrobatic Show Golden Cudgel


10:00 《三个和尚》——肢体动漫剧 【直播及短视频展播】

Three Monks Children’s Stage Theatre

20:00-21:00 《红梅花开》——民族室内乐音乐会【直播及短视频展播】

Red Plum Blossoms Chinese Chamber Concert


10:00 《中国味道》——春节美食工作坊

A Taste of China

Chinese New Year Gourmet Workshop


The Luster of Wood and Colour

Virtual Exhibition of Woodcut New Year Painting


10:00 《多彩中国年》——交互动画体验展

Happy Chinese New Year Animation Celebration Carnival


Happy New Year of the Ox

Virtual Exhibition of Chinese Zodiac Design

20:00-20:25 《大河之源》——原创民族舞剧【直播及短视频展播】

National Dance Drama Follow The Mother River


10:00 新春拜年视频彩铃

Season’s Greeting of Video CRBT


Beautiful China

A Feast of Folk Spring Festival Galas

18:00-18:45 《弦音兆丰年》——新春祝福交响音乐会【直播及短视频展播】

Chords of the New Year

Spring Festival Symphony Orchestra Concert