RLX’s science team conducts tests at the RELX Lab in Shenzhen, China. [Photo provided to Newsvase.com]

Chinese electronic vaporizer maker Relx issued an open letter on Monday calling for all its employees, dealerships and partners to undertake due responsibilities and obligations during business operations and to not sell products to minors.

The move came right after the freshly revised Law on the Protection of Minors was officially put into implementation on Monday, which for the first time in the nation bans e-cigarette sales to minors via national laws.

“We hereby call on all peers to learn, and act in accordance with the regulations in the revised Law on the Protection of Minors,” the open letter said.

Relx has been ramping up its efforts in minor protection since its establishment in 2018. As a major effort to this end, in December 2019, Relx launched an online system, called Project Sunflower, to supervise its sales and prevent sales to minors.

According to the company, the system, which was supported by the government’s database, facial recognition and other cutting-edge technologies, functions well in identifying a buyer’s age and will be further upgraded in accordance with requirements by the law and regulators.