Armed police patrol the departure hall of Hong Kong International Airport on Aug 21, 2019 after the High Court issued an interim injunction banning unlawful obstruction of airport operations. [Photo/Agencies]

Sunday marked the first national Chinese People’s Police Day. Jan 10 was set as the day because the emergency number for calling the police in China is 110. Just like a spokesperson of the Ministry of Public Security said,”110 is a number that is familiar to people. Whenever people encounter danger and need help, they always think of dialing 110 first.”

Data show that from January to November, police bureaus nationwide received a total of 99.04 million calls, of which 24.85 million were calls for help. There were also 9.73 million calls reporting clues about illegal acts and 13.37 million calls involving disputes. In all, the number of police responses to the various calls totaled 200 million.

Being a police officer is a risky profession. Since 1949, more than 100,000 police officers have been wounded, and more than 16,000 police officers have died doing their job, of which 3,700 were given the title of martyr.

It is with blood and toil that police officers defend public safety. That’s why the Chinese People’s Police Day has got warm response from people. It is the recognition of the dedication of policemen and policewomen to the profession.

In 2020, the police have been to the fore in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. It is with their efforts, together with those of medical workers and others, that helped China become the first country to bring the epidemic largely under control.

Even on Sunday, their first national day, there were still police officers on duty nationwide.

To pay tribute to the people’s police is to thank them for their sacrifice and dedication to secure a safe environment for all. For ordinary citizens, the best way of honoring their efforts lies in strictly abiding by the law, reporting any suspicions of illegal deeds, and have more understanding of the police in their law enforcement work.

After all, a secure and prosperous society is what everybody wants.