Skyscrapers border the lush green landscaping in Shenzhen’s central business district. [Photo/IC]

The South China International Industry Fair, an expo jointly organized by German Hannover Messe and the China International Industry Fair, will be held in Shenzhen from June 29 to July 1, focusing on the latest advances and innovations in the country’s manufacturing sector.

In addition, the MEI Awards, a non-profitable selection, will also be held and is open to all exhibitors at the fair. Combining online selection and offline exhibition, the judging panel, which is composed of industrial design experts, domestic and foreign buyers and representatives of manufacturing enterprises, selects outstanding products that can represent the high level of China’s output from the perspectives of manufacturing, innovation and environmental protection.

The award-winning products will be settled on the “MEI Awards” featured page of, a B2B eCommerce Platform, with direct access to millions of buyers worldwide. In addition, the award-winning companies will also be qualified for the 2021 “MEI awards” annual final review, and get tickets for the year-end award ceremony in advance. At the same time, they can participate in a series of activities throughout the year.

On May 26, the registration for “South China Industry Fair-Beauty of Manufacturing” officially began. Exhibitors can log on at to register for the competition. The registration lasts until midnight on June 10.

Lu Xiaokun contributed to this story.