Fridge magnets and a Miao ethnic embroidery piece are among the creative products on show at a floral design exhibition at the flower expo.[Photo provided to China Daily]

On Shanghai’s Chongming Island, a floral design exhibition will run from June 5 to 20 at the 10th China Flower Expo.

The exhibition will showcase creative products, poems and literature related to flowers and other types of plants.

Zhou Zhicheng, from the fashion and design school at Donghua University, is leader of the team in charge of the exhibition design.

“It has been a tradition in Chinese culture to live in harmony with plants,” Zhou says. “We hope the show demonstrates related Chinese customs and human beings’ love for nature.”

To illustrate the styles of traditional Chinese architecture, which is centered on simplicity and elegance, the team has used white display boards to emphasize the details of the exhibits, with real flowers placed in the background as decorations. Some folding room dividers will be set up to create the feel of moving through a classic, tranquil garden in the Jiangnan region south of the Yangtze River.

One highlight of the exhibition is Butterflies Love Flowers, a Miao ethnic embroidery work by Shanghai designer Chen Qing. The craft originates from regions such as Hunan and Guizhou provinces.