Global esthetic dentistry leader Straumann Group and Beijing-based technology company Deepcare ink a strategic partnership Tuesday. [Photo provided to]

Straumann Group, a world leader in esthetic dentistry, inked a strategic partnership agreement with Beijing-based technology company DeepCare on Tuesday, to further its foray into AI-enabled dental care.

Using artificial intelligence for dental healthcare, DeepCare provides an innovative high-performance AI solution for dental imaging and analysis. The company said its products have been sold to more than 1,500 dental clinic entities both at home and abroad.

Kevin Zhang, head of the China arm of the Straumann Group, said the partnership is expected to bring positive changes to the dental healthcare industry and improve patients’ treatment outcomes, with the good brand image, high-quality services and mature commercial network from Straumann Group and the innovative AI technology from DeepCare.

When integrated with traditional medical imaging technology, AI, an important driving force for a new round of technological revolutions and industrial transformations, will shore up the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the medical industry, according to him.

With excellent research and development capabilities, DeepCare is an industry leader in AI-enabled dental care, and his company is glad to cooperate with DeepCare to introduce such best practices from China to the rest of the world, he said.

Ding Peng, CEO of DeepCare, also said the strategic partnership will tap into the two companies’ advantages respectively in commercial networks and the research and development capabilities to make a change to the industry, as AI and big data-empowered intelligent transformation of dental care industry are the future.