The Audi booth attracts visitors at the 2016 Paris auto show. LI FUSHENG / China DAILY

German automaker Audi has partnered with Chinese technology company Tencent to build an intelligent and interconnected digital ecosystem, comprising smart vehicle cockpits, digital marketing and user operations.

Among other things, Audi vehicles in China are expected to feature in-car WeChat and some other digital services from Tencent, according to a memorandum of understanding the two signed on Monday.

“Deepening our strategic cooperation with Tencent further enables us to expand the Audi product eco-system for our Chinese customers in a way that is tailored to their unique needs,” said Werner Eichhorn, president of Audi China.

Audi has built partnerships with leading Chinese companies, as part of the automaker’s efforts to transform itself into a provider of sustainable and networked premium mobility.

Besides Tencent, Audi has been working with Baidu, Alibaba and Huawei on in-car digital services and intelligent vehicle development projects.