BEIJING – A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Friday blasted the coercive diplomacy of the United States being imposed on some other countries, intended to maliciously suppress Chinese companies.

According to media reports, the US Embassy in Denmark contacted the Danish Newspaper Politiken, asking whether it has used electronic equipment from five Chinese companies, including Huawei. The reports said that the embassy threatened if Politiken refuses to provide relevant information or chooses to use equipment from these Chinese enterprises, the US embassy may stop subscribing to its Newspaper.

It is also reported that the US embassy has reached out to other service providers in Denmark with similar requests, saying that this will be a coordinated global operation by the United States.

“As I said yesterday, no country fits the hat of ‘coercive diplomacy’ better than the United States,” said spokesperson Wang Wenbin when asked to make a comment. He said the case has provided a vivid example of the coercive diplomacy of the United States.

Wang pointed out that the US side not only suppressed Chinese companies, but also forced other countries to comply with its will, and even asked other nations’ media to follow its instructions.

“It is 100 percent coercive diplomacy,” Wang said. “The United States should feel ashamed of itself for forcing other countries to maliciously suppress Chinese companies while preaching about democracy and rules.”