US President Joe Biden delivers remarks after touring Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan, US, May 18, 2021.[Photo/Agencies]

WASHINGTON – The United States should not try to utilize China as the motivating idea behind all manner of its policies, a columnist for the online publication of the World Politics Review has said.

“Invocations of China as a summons to a restoration of American greatness have been coming fast and furious under (US President Joe) Biden, who has also repeatedly wielded the specter of Chinese power to justify his policy priorities,” said Howard W. French, the author.

“Things usually don’t end well for the party doing the manipulating — or threat inflation, in the lingo of international relations theorists — and it’s my creeping suspicion that overuse of China as a motivating factor or justification for just about whatever crosses the minds of the American political class also risks losing its potency the more routine it becomes,” he explained.

French also suggested that the United States seek ways to expand cooperation with China with “more imagination and political courage, opportunities for this abound,” in such areas as public health and space exploration.