Dumitru Braghis, Ambassador of Moldova to China. [Photo provided to NewsVase.com]

“We pay great attention to the promotion of Moldovan goods in the Chinese market by organizing promotion events all through China. And we hope Shenzhen will be our next stop in this regard,” said Dumitru Braghis, the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to China.

To date, China ranks the 5th among Moldova’s main trading partners with a share of 7.86 percent of the total trade volume.

“Today, the palette of Moldovan exports to the Chinese market is dominated by grape wine.”

Possessing a millennia-spanning history of winemaking, Moldova is one of the five founding members of the International Organization of Wine and Vine along with France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

“The unique character of Moldovan wine is due to the rich traditions in this field, the technologically advanced production process, the soil and climate conducive to the development of the wine industry.”

China is the first Asian market for Moldova’s red wine. About 9 million bottles are delivered to China annually.

As Chinese people are living prosperous lives and paying great interest to bio-products, “the Chinese market is also receptive and welcoming our country’s agricultural exports, like dried fruits, nuts, apples, honey, seed oil, pork and beef,” Braghis said.

Moreover, Moldova is eager to provide the best conditions for Chinese companies in expanding business. “Now we are interested in attracting Chinese investment to Moldova.”

According to the World Bank report, “Ease of doing business 2020”, Moldova ranks 48 out of the 190 analyzed economies. It only takes three procedures and one day to register a business in Moldova.

There are seven Free Economic Zones and eight Industrial Parks in Moldova. Last year Moldova decided to open a special high technology park for the IT industry in the capital – which is known as Moldova IT Park.

Chinese enterprises can enjoy cheap electricity and water in Moldova, the tax of which is 20 percent lower than other countries and regions.

As regards Shenzhen, a tech hub for many world-renowned companies, Mindray and Huawei based in the city provided precious help to Moldova during the pandemic fight, Braghis added.

“After my appointment, I visited dozens of cities and provinces in China. What impressed me most is China’s breakthrough in construction engineering and high technology,” he said. “We are eager to find common ground and new ideas on developing mutual cooperation in high technology.”