Director Wei Qing (left) and novelist Min Yan as well as scriptwriter Bai Tiejun at the Beijing promotional event of

Jiu Mei Cun de Bao Feng Zhou Yu

(a huge transformation in Jiumei’s village). [Photo provided to China Daily]

As one of the most renowned writers in his era, Zhou Libo took Yuanbao village — previously called Yuanmaotun, in Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province — as the subject of his classic novel

The Hurricane,

depicting the country’s first village where Communist Party-led land reform started in late 1940s.

More than 70 years after the novel was first published, China’s countryside has achieved a remarkable improvement, ending the extreme poverty last year and starting to take rural revitalization as the country’s new mission.

A new film which is scheduled to start shooting in June will return to the Yuanbao village, snapping its new changes in the digital era.

With the working title as

Jiu Mei Cun de Bao Feng Zhou Yu

(a huge transformation in Jiumei’s village), the film will conclude the shooting in July and is set to be released later this year.

Major cast and crew members, including director Wei Qing and actor Guo Jiaming, attended a promotional event in Beijing on May 29.

Featuring a comedic tune, the film retells the true story of Yang Jiumei, a female villager who establishes over 10 accounts on popular social platforms and attracts a fan base of around 30,000, to sell the local agricultural products.

Director Wei said the film will show how e-commerce and digital economy have blurred the “boundary” between countryside and urban areas, exerting an unprecedented impact upon modern village lifestyle.

The Beijing promotional event gathered the major cast members, respectively (starting from left) Yang Kejia, Tang yumeng, Guo Jiaming, Ma Shuchao and Zhang Kai. [Photo provided to China Daily]