Poster of

A Quiet Place Part II

[Photo provided to China Daily]

Three years after Paramount Pictures’ sci-fi horror film

A Quiet Place

soared as a sleeper hit in China, its sequel has opened across domestic theaters including over 710 IMAX cinemas on May 28.

Picking up from where the first movie ends, Evelyn Abbott, the heroine who loses her home and suffers the death of her husband, is forced to take her three children to seek a new shelter for survival. Aside from struggling with the terrors of facing off against alien creatures that hunt by sound, the family also encounters a test of humanity.

Sneak previews were held by IMAX and Paramount Pictures in a downtown Beijing theater on Thursday, providing hundreds of horror film fans an immersive experience to feel the terror of silence with the protagonists.

Live box office trackers Maoyan and Beacon show that the film has grossed more than 9.1 million yuan ($1.43 million) as of 3 pm on Friday, following Japanese animated feature

Stand by Me 2

and Universal Pictures’


to claim the third highest-grossing slot of the country’s box office charts.