The Labor Day holiday is an opportunity for many to relax but some will continue to work to ensure safety and convenience for all.

・ Firefighters

Fire does not respect the notion of time off. Fire can break out at any time. Indeed during holidays, the risk is greater as people let their guard down. Some firefighter teams even arrange more hands during festivals such as Chinese New Year, because of the use of fireworks.

The Qingming Festival, or Tomb-sweeping Day, is also a fire-hazard peak as offerings are burnt. The graveyards are often located in the wild, where the long grass easily catches fire.

・ Emergency doctors

Disease and broken limbs know no holidays. Hospital emergency departments always have their doors open, 24/7.

・ Police

Accidents love holidays. People are relaxed, not paying enough attention, easily distracted.

Rest assured, the police are there at the end of the 110 hotline.

・ Utility services

It may be a holiday but many people will stay at home for a variety of reasons. That means greater use of tap water, electricity, and gas.

Supplies have to be guaranteed and those with that responsibility cannot take a break.

・ Supermarket

Holidays mean people spending more money on food. People must be served, shelves stocked, and deliveries made. We may be moving to an automated future but we are not there yet.

・ Transport staff

According to official data, the number of people searching for train tickets had risen by 56 times compared with that of last year, while the total number of tourists might exceed 200 million

Higher tourist flow means busier railway stations, highway service zones, and airports. More railway staff need to stay in their jobs to drive the trains or do maintenance.

At highway service zones, more hands are needed to deal with the crowded situations there. More food needs to be prepared, while more staff must coordinate the limited number of parking lots.

In early April,, a booking agency website, had already seen the number of booked airline tickets rise higher than the figure for 2019.

Bus and taxi drivers will be busy, too, because when tourists arrive in a new city they always need transport.

・ Media

Newspapers continue publishing, websites are updated, while TV stations air their programs. Various new media teams keep updating their accounts, with numerous journalists and editors working behind the scenes.

For example, this story you are reading is the work of journalists and editors working extra hours during the holiday.

Enjoy your holiday!